Windsurfing Corporate Group Bookings

Corporate Group Bookings

Corporate and team building events can be catered for at a special rate, with afternoon sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours being very popular. This is a fun taster session into windsurfing rather than a full course. Many corporate groups have booked this on a Friday afternoon and then enjoyed the use of the adjacent park area with BBQ’s.




Windforce School Group Windsurfing Lesson

The Windforce School is based at Pelican Point Crawley is one of the best locations for introducing people into Windsurfing. We use the latest equipment and instructional techniques to ensure a fast progression into this addictive sport.

Forget the stereotypical image of Windsurfing being all about falling off and difficult to learn. Due to fantastic advances in equipment design over the last few years it is now quicker and easier to learn than ever before. The boards we use are 1 meter wide, making them incredibly stable and we use small light sails. This sport really is accessible for all.

Living in Perth we have some of the best Windsurfing conditions in the world right on our door step! This sport provides a fun and sociable way for your staff to stay fit, healthy and relaxed! It is a sport in which you can enjoy tranquil cruise along calm waters in a gentle breeze, or add some excitement hurtling across the Swan River at up to 90 Km/h, or even surf and jump amongst 6 meter waves!